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Education Pathways

From starting out as a Nipper and becoming a lifeguard through to an Advanced lifeguard via First Aid 1,2,3/PHEC and IRB through to competing against world champions to coaching our next world champion from age 7, Surf offers everyone a new opportunity to grow and develop and do things that most people think they would never do.  


When you first qualify as a lifeguard you open the door to a whole set of skills and opportunities. You learn to paddle a rescue board and pull someone from the water. You can learn to do CPR and take a blood pressure reading or drive an IRB and once you are an advanced lifeguard you can learn to jump out of a helicopter. Once you become a lifeguard there is a range of programmes and other awards you can participate in to develop your skills further. Learn more here.


As a surf Coach you can move up with your child and gain skills yourself with the Sport Coaching or Surf Officials courses. Even if you have never seen a Paddle Board or don't know how Beach Flags works our coaches are always happy to have enthusiastic people who want to learn to come along and see how its done and how they can help and then you can build your skills to become a fully skilled Coach with SLSNZs courses offered to our members through their official and coach development programmes. 

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